Johan Kock is 70 and stems from an old Ærø family.

He sailed for 27 years as a marine engineer and has made pipes for the last nine years, two of which as his sole interest. As an engineer, Johan Kock has been able to design and build pipe-making tools to meet his own exacting requirements.

In one year he produces about 60 pipes.

About Johan Kock

As a craftsman, Johan Kock believes it to be a matter of honour that all his designs are his own. He does not copy the designs of any other pipemaker.

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Crafting the pipes

He prefers to use briar blocks from Corsica but has also worked with briar from Greece, Marokko and France. 

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Online shop

The pipes come in all shapes and sizes, depending upon the size, colour and structure of the raw materrials that he has to hand. 

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